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The Inflorescence
The Root System
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Tillering Phase
Grand Growth Phase
Ripening & Maturation Phase
Practical Implications
Improved Varieties
Land Preparation
Planting Material
Planting Time
Germination Irrigation
Weed Management
Irrigation Water Management
Earthing Up
Removal of Water Shoots
Harvesting Management
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Pests & Diseases
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About Us

For the last 20 years, Netafim's Agriculture Department has successfully cultivated sugarcane in diverse climates and growing conditions worldwide. The experience and expertise gained from these projects has helped sugar factories and growers to achieve potential sugarcane yields of 140 tons per hectare - and in certain farming situations - yields have been as high as 200 tons per hectare.

Clearly, the combination of irrigation systems & water scheduling, optimal fertigation, plant protection and the right type of variety are the key factors in raising the quality and cane yield of sugarcane.

With the global demand for sugar products and ethanol rising fast, we have designed our website to operate as a knowledge-sharing platform where the reasons for failure and success in sugarcane growing on an industrial scale, can be analyzed.

Netafim professionals from South Africa, Brazil, India and other environments, who are specialists not only in sugarcane cultivation, but also in soil, irrigation systems, fertigation and plant protection will be active contributors to this site. Their job will be to provide quick answers to your field problems and queries.


We therefore invite you to share your opinions and ideas with us about this all-important subject - your questions and even photos will be warmly welcomed.

You are also invited to join in the Discussion Forum on our website. Our team of experts will go all-out to focus on your specific problem and provide solutions that will contribute to your success.



Eli Vered

NETAFIM Senior Agronomist & Sugarcane Crop Team Manager


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